Grain Belt Blu, a blueberry-infused beer, on tap exclusively at the State Fair


Sure it's rainy, but is that going to stop you from hitting the first day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together? We certainly hope not, especially since August Schell Brewing of New Ulm announced they will be selling their limited edition Grain Belt Blu exclusively at this year's State Fair.

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"Cold beer and fresh blueberries just seemed like the perfect summer combination," says head brewer Jace Marti. The beer is a state fair exclusive, with no distribution plans beyond the 2014 fair.

Grain Belt Blu starts with the familiar Premium beer, and adds U.S.-farmed blueberries, which are converted into juice and added to the beer. Blu is light and crisp, highlighting the berry flavors without any syrupy consequences. It is indeed blue in color, and of course designed to be paired with a range of fried state fair foods. Grain Belt Blu will be sold only on draft at Lulu's Public House in the West End Market.

"We're big fans of the state fair and always wanted to create a special product to celebrate it," Marti says. The brewery also wanted a unique summer recipe to complement Grain Belt Premium. There are no plans for any new Grain Belt recipes at this time. The last Grain Belt addition, Nordeast, was introduced in 2010.

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