Got $500k and Love Beer? This Wisconsin Brew Farm Is Still For Sale

After 19 years brewing beer, Dave Anderson of Dave's BrewFarm is now looking outside the kettle.

In October, the nanobrewery near Wilson, WI, went up for sale, not because of business problems, but because Anderson and his wife, Pamela Dixon, are seeking new opportunities outside of the industry. So the former home of Dave's BrewFarm is ripe for the taking -- if you have a cool half mill lying around.

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"Ideally someone would step in with their own brand/concept and build upon what we've created over the past 5+ years," Anderson says.

Assets and land are for sale (and perhaps his recipes), but the business with his namesake will shutter when the transaction takes place. With an asking price of a half-million dollars, it takes a serious buyer -- one who will receive a ready to go brewery or a facility that could be modified into a food processing facility, among many other potential uses.

After three months on the market Anderson is still looking for a buyer. "We've received an amazing amount of interest and press," he says. "We've had people fly in from San Diego, Anchorage, and other far flung points just to check us out and get a feel to see if it'd be a good fit. It's a big decision and large investment, so I'd expect it will take some time."

Besides brewing, the land has given Anderson a chance to practice sustainable farming, raising chickens and ducks and vegetables.

"It's been great to have fresh eggs and organically raised meat birds and vegetables on the table for dinner," he says of his experience at the BrewFarm. He's looking toward a new future that explores some of those possibilities.

"I'll still be in the brewing business in some capacity, like consulting and getting some of my favorite recipes back into the market," he notes, but "I'm also looking forward to exploring more fermentation arts like making cheese and curing meats."

There seems to be no rush in the transition though, and Dave's BrewFarm is conducting business as usual this winter while he seeks a new buyer. The taproom is open every other weekend, with hours posted online, and 8 beers on tap and a convivial group of beer followers parked at the bar.

"You walk in a stranger and walk out with new friends," he says.

Interested parties can check out a listing here, or contact Anderson via email for more information.

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