Got $2.995 million? Minneapolis' 'Harry Potter' house is back on the market

Sure beats a studio

Sure beats a studio Spacecrafting

We'll refrain from making the easy joke about wizards and curses and whatever, but something is up with Jeff Arundel's downtown Minneapolis house. 

The musician-slash-restaurateur's place -- you may know it as the gothic, castle-like "Harry Potter" house at 247 10th Ave. S. -- has been on and off the market for years. As of August, it looked like he'd finally found a buyer in Brass Foundry Brewing Co., which probably could have made the crappiest beer in the world and still been a hit thanks to the whole "we have a taproom inside a literal castle" thing.

Alas, it looks like you and your muggle pals will have to down butterbeer elsewhere. The brewery pulled out earlier this year, according to the Star Tribune, and Arundel's home is back on the market.

So what's next for the wholly original icon that's been described as "Tim Burton meets Lord of the Rings"? 

Arundel -- whose surname, fittingly, wouldn't feel all that out of place in Middle Earth -- says he hopes someone still tries to turn the 4,500-square-foot building into a restaurant or club or event center. (It's currently zoned for residential use, one hurdle the millionaire who purchases it would likely have no problem clearing.) If you think you might just be the wealthy wizard to pull it off, the listing is here.

As for Brass Foundry, the Strib says they've set their sights on a slightly less picturesque place in Minnetonka.