Gopher Bar's Coney Dog: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 56

If nothing else, this dive bar sure has good Coney Dogs.

If nothing else, this dive bar sure has good Coney Dogs.

If you've never set foot in the Gopher Bar, prepare to be sent back in time. It's a true, old-time dive bar, complete with politically incorrect, if not blatantly offensive, signage, dingy lighting, and generally grumpy service. Don't even think about asking for a wine list or your favorite microbrew on tap. They don't have either, and they may verbally assault you for assuming they do. Here, it's simply the Coney Dog you are after.


​Avert your eyes from the Confederate flag hanging on the wall and order two Coney Dogs with everything. You won't be sorry. Nestled in their soft, freshly toasted buns, these Coneys have spot-on flavor and that unmistakable snap when you take that first bite. First the buttery-soft bun is toasted and spread with good ol' yellow mustard. A freshly griddled dog is then placed in the warm bun and slathered in a rich, thick chili meat sauce. Topped with a load of grated sharp cheddar and finely diced white onion, these Coneys are quite possibly the perfect bar food. Meaty, greasy, cheesy, and craveable. If you like heat, add a squirt of Sriracha from the bottles available at every table. These dogs are so delicious you'll wolf them down--which is good, because unless you enjoy having bartenders hurl profanities your way, you likely won't want to stick around this place too long.

GOPHER BAR 241 Seventh Street East, St. Paul

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