Goose Island's Migration Week brings a touch of Chicago to the City of Lakes


First they came for our pizza, now for our beer.

From Tuesday-Thursday Goose Island is migrating to the Twin Cities. As a part of the Chicago brewery’s 22-city tour, they’re bringing some of their rarest beers to town in a week that features meet-the-brewery events at stores and a handful of bar and restaurant stops to offer specials like their Madame Rose, the famed Bourbon County Stout, and a few vintage selections from earlier years.

Dubbed the Goose Island Migration Week, it takes place from July 28-July 31. Last night they held a kickoff party at the Pourhouse, with Thursday and Friday carrying the majority of the festivities and unique offerings before a wrap-up party also held at the Pourhouse on Friday night.

The Chicago brewery is best known for regional beers like 312 Wheat and Honker's Ale, and for its connection to Anheuser-Busch InBev (which acquired majority ownership in 2011), but Goose Island has also been making the renowned Bourbon County imperial stout, an aged and rare beer that ranks with a score of 99 at beer rating site BeerAdvocate and has won awards as the top of its class, including at the Great American Beer Festival. The BCS will be available throughout the week along with BCS Coffee and the BCS Proprietors line.

Hitting cities across the U.S. and Canada, the tour celebrates the brewery while giving a more personal experience for fans, who can meet associates of the company and try more offerings than are typically distributed in state. Goose Island was originally formed in 1988 in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Check out a full listing, minus last night’s kickoff, below.


Wednesday, July 29

Total Wine Roseville, 3-5 p.m.

Goose Island will be onsite selling special beers and talking, in person, about them.

Beers available for purchase: BCS Coffee 2012*, Madame Rose 2012*, Matilda, IPA (*very limited availability)

Republic-7 Corners, 6-8 p.m.

Goose Island reps will serve and sell limited and hard-to-come-by beers, both high-demand offerings like the BCS stout discussed above as well as some often reserved to their home taproom.

Beers showcased: BCS Coffee 2014, Halia 2013, St. Genevieve, 312 Wheat, IPA, Matilda, Summer Ale

Acadia, 8 p.m.

Moving down the road, the team will showcase their 2014 BCS as well as 312 Wheat.

Beers showcased: Bourbon County Stout 2014, 312 Wheat

Thursday, July 30

France 44, 3-5 p.m.

Similar to the event at Total Wine on Wednesday, Goose Island will be selling hard to fine specialties in limited supply.

Beers available for purchase: Vanilla Rye*, Juliet 2010*, Bourbon County Brand Stout 2014* (*very limited availability)

Friday, July 31

Stub and Herbs, 6-8 p.m.

More rare beers, this time moving across the river.

Beers showcased: BCS Proprietors 2014, Juliet 2013, The Ogden, 312 Wheat, IPA,

Pourhouse, 8 p.m.

Matching last night’s kickoff, Goose Island returns to the Pourhouse for an afterparty. The 312s will flow.