Goodbye, Local D'Lish, Hello Cooks of Crocus Hill

Local D'Lish is closing up shop. Cooks of Crocus Hill will take its place.

Local D'Lish is closing up shop. Cooks of Crocus Hill will take its place.

When Ann Yin opened her sweet neighborhood food market in the North Loop eight years ago, the neighborhood was a very different place. It wasn’t yet the area that travel magazines now call a must-visit destination. There was no Spoon & Stable with world-class chefs at the helm. There was no Shinola selling aspirational bicycles and watches, no Dharmacycle Yoga studio, and no Whole Foods. It wasn't even called the North Loop.  

And back then, “local” wasn’t just a foodie buzzword. 

Yin, a self-professed “goofy farm girl” from Iowa, had a dream to connect customers to Midwestern farmers, food artisans, and chefs. She opened Local D’Lish and became a hub for the burgeoning neighborhood.

It became the sort of space that rarely exists anymore. Like an old-fashioned general store, it was a place to gather staples like bread and milk, but also freshly baked cookies, handmade sandwiches, and penny candy. It was a place to take a unique cooking class or even drop off your dry-cleaning. Yin knows her devoted customer base on a first-name basis, along with those of their babies and dogs.

But progress is progress. Yin announced yesterday that she would be closing the store. In her official statement, she said “owning a business takes such a huge commitment of time and resources. I am so incredibly proud of what I have created and nurtured in this little store, but it is time for me to find a new career that will offer me more balance in my family life. In this spirit, I have officially closed Local D'Lish and am officially searching for a new career chapter in my life.”

What she didn’t mention is that Cooks of Crocus Hill, the tony and well-established cookware store and culinary school, would be taking over the space. No word on an opening date, yet.

Yin is hosting a farewell and closeout sale on Thursday, February 11, when she’ll be offering deep discounts on product, as well as “big hugs.”

Local D’Lish

208 N. First St., Minneapolis

Farewell Party and Closing Sale

Thursday, February 11, at the store 

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

auction info: