Good Grocer relocating to Eat Street due to I-35W construction, store liquidation sale starts today

Good Grocer's days at Lake and Stevens are numbered.

Good Grocer's days at Lake and Stevens are numbered.

Soon, Good Grocer will be leveled.

The nonprofit grocery store has called the corner of Lake and Stevens home since 2015, where it's become an important fixture in an area with three times as many low-income residents than in the surrounding seven counties. Beyond being the only option in a food desert, the market sells discounted food and offers a unique opportunity: Pick up just one 2.5-hour volunteer shift a month and recieve 25 percent off those already reasonable prices.

But Good Grocer sits in the path of I-35 construction, and as City Pages reported in October, it's going to be bulldozed to make way for an exit ramp. While the initial hope was to find an existing building where Good Grocer 2.0 could set up shop, founder Kurt Vickman told us then that a vacant lot at 2644 Nicollet Ave. S. in Whittier -- about four blocks away from the current location -- was the next best thing. And that's where they'll end up, after all.

Southwest Journal reports that Vickman and co. secured the location "with the help of major donors" along with First & First Properties, which actually lowered the price of the lot and turned down higher competing offers to help Good Grocer out. “We got to know their story, and it’s a really compelling story,” CEO Peter Remes said. “We wanted to make this work for them.” The new GG will be almost twice as big as the existing 5,500-square-foot space and will boast corresponingly larger produce, meat, and organic sections.

Good Grocer's last day at 122 E. Lake St. will be February 11, and while there's no date yet for an opening on Nicollet Avenue, it looks like the goal is to open in late 2018 (pending city approval). A liquidation sale runs from today (January 15) through the 11th, and according to the shop's website, prices will drop up to an additional 75 percent.