Golden Tummy: A new food truck debuts

Thanks to my eagle-eyed friend, we saw a new food truck out on Marquette this week: a sliver of bright yellow peeking out from behind the another truck. Turns out this was the first day of business for Nancy Yang and her crew at the new Golden Tummy. The jolly Buddha seems to say, "Hello! You will be full."

We surveyed the menu and had a first taste.

The options are familiar Chinese dishes like General Tso's, Hoisin wings, chicken teriyaki, and a fried noodle that looked like lo mein. They also have cream cheese wontons and egg rolls. We sampled the dumplings, a lightly fried potsticker that's a lot of eats for only $2. They came with soy sauce for dunking and tasted much like the kind found in the grocer's freezer aisle. Next time we'll have to get the wings. Is it just me or is there a dearth of food trucks serving wings?

Yang told us that business had been a little hairy while they experienced their first rush, but good. She said they aren't operational on Facebook or Twitter just yet, but that's coming soon. For now they'll be in downtown Minneapolis, but have their St. Paul permit and hope to hit the near east soon.

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