Golden Corral opens today in Maple Grove

Get on your eatin' pants. Golden Corral cometh.

Get on your eatin' pants. Golden Corral cometh. Facebook

Smell that?!

It's the unmistakable, commingling troughs of broccoli cheese soup, banana pudding, clam chowder, and meatloaf. It's the place with one low price all day long, the place you can sit for hours, wearing grooves in the carpet between your chair and the cheese goo pump.

Take heed, volume diners, where there were once Old Country Buffets, there are now Golden Corrals. And the first of these new Golden Corral locations opens today in Maple Grove, so put on those eatin’ pants.

In case you’re unfamiliar, you can get a grilled-to-order steak with your towering plateful, making it at least 50 percent more satisfying than the OCB. (Maybe that company should have taken a lesson at the grill before going bankrupt and shuttering almost 200 stores.)

The Maplewood location is scheduled to open November 1. 

It opens today. 
Golden Corral 
13603 Grove Dr., Maple Grove