GoFundThem: Where to donate to save Twin Cities restaurants

Lots of Twin Cities restaurants were caught in the crossfire during last week's events. Fund or share the following links to help them repair and rebuild. (Pictured: Midori's Floating World Cafe)

Lots of Twin Cities restaurants were caught in the crossfire during last week's events. Fund or share the following links to help them repair and rebuild. (Pictured: Midori's Floating World Cafe) "Restore Midori's Floating World Café" GoFundMe

It’s going to take a hell of a lot of sustained effort and cold, hard cash to rebuild the businesses, homes, and infrastructure our cities lost over the past week – all of which, it bears repeating, would still be intact were it not for heaploads of systemic injustice that resulted (first) in George Floyd's death.

The notion that a human life is priceless and irreplaceable lit this match. And now? No one’s going to rebuild our world – physically and socially – except for us. 

Many of these restaurants were already reeling from the effects of COVID-19, only to end up fully gutted now. So share these funding pages widely, or get out those checkbooks… however you're able to contribute at this time.

(This is regularly updated and growing all the time! Shout out any restaurant GoFundMes we don't know about in the comments below for inclusion!)


1st Cup Coffee

For seven years, 1st Cup Cafe & Restaurant has delivered a fusion of Somali and American cuisine to south Minneapolis. Looting and vandalism has extensively damaged the family-owned establishment’s electrical system, water and gas pipes, as well as the equipment necessary to regularly operate the restaurant. This fund goes to repair those damages, getting the cafe up and running again.

Las Cuatro Milpas

Owner Francisco de Haro’s restaurant, Las Cuatro Milpas, had its windows broken, was looted of money, food, and drink, and was tagged with graffiti in the riots after George Floyd’s death. Hiring additional security has cost de Haro money, even as he’d been seeking to buy the building as a tenant. This fund goes directly to the family-owned business and its employees.

Dragon Wok Delivery Relief

Since May 26, the delivery-based restaurant located at 38th and Chicago (directly across from Cup Foods, where George Floyd’s life was cut short) temporarily suspended its operations “out of an abundance of caution for its employees” and to bolster community safety. This fund provides financial relief to care for the business and staff during this closure. 

Du Nord Riot Recovery

Since its founding in 2013, Du Nord has become a beacon for multiculturalism, and Black and brown entrepreneurship under owners Chris and Shanelle Montana. When their warehouse was severely damaged by riots, the distillery established a fund to support Black and brown companies affected by the riots as a whole. 

Emily’s Avenue Eatery

After the coronavirus devastated the graduations, weddings, and funeral sector that had kept their catering business busy for generations, the restaurant and neighborhood gem FKA Emily's F & M Cafe was the only aspect keeping the heirloom company afloat. Then, Emily's Eatery was looted, and had its glass smashed during the recent riots. This fund helps close the gap between their insurance deductible and the year 2020.

Mercado Central

After 20 years pushing for the improvement of Minneapolis’s Lake Street, the community-owned market and cultural landmark has been devastated by the spring of 2020. First COVID came for the cooperative’s ability to conduct business, then were vandalized over the past week’s uprising. “The two has left us out of reserves to operate and rebuild” without outside assistance.

Midori's Floating World Café

Like neighbors Town Talk, La Pineda, and Gandhi Mahal, the longstanding Japanese minority-owned restaurant was “caught in the crossfire" just a block away from MPD’s Third precinct. The restaurant was set ablaze, building windows were smashed, and the interior was decimated. As their photos make clear: Midori’s could use more than a little assistance right now.

Midtown Global Market

Midtown Global Market is a nonprofit operation home to 45 small businesses representing 16 cultures, ethnicities, or countries of origin. The folks running the place also are super upright, as evidenced by recently terminating Holy Land's lease. Located in the thick of the fires that claimed so many businesses on the night of May 29th, they're asking for support to rebuild not just their community, but the greater neighborhood.

Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits

This place is gone (completely). But this fundraiser isn’t about reviving a classic liquor. As its organizers write, “Our wonderful staff now finds themselves in a very uncertain place. We plan to take care of them for as long as we can, but that still doesn't change the fact that they are now entering a job market already ravaged by COVID-19, in a city that now finds itself ravaged in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder.”

La Pineda Tacos

For the past 15 years, La Pineda has played an integral role in serving Lake Street's community –  including members from South High School’s student body who regularly sought comfort at the taqueria. In the past week, its windows were shattered and the building was set on fire. This fund goes to repair the damages done, and restore that bit of that sense of place La Pineda has fostered for so long.

Town Talk Diner

Built in 1946, Town Talk Diner and Gastropub has fed East Lake Street for generations. Then the national historic landmark was “brought down by a mighty blaze, the old bright sign illuminated for one final time, in the wee hours [of May 29], from the flames that surrounded her.” Now they're asking for your help to salvage what's left of the truly historic establishment.

Trio Plant-Based

Three years ago, Louis Hunter faced 20 years in prison for unjust charges related to his presence at a local Black Lives Matter protest. Now he helms Minnesota’s first Black-owned vegan restaurant where, on the evening of May 30, popular livestream Unicorn Riot captured State Troopers assaulting Hunter as he kept watch over his shuttered shop. Proceeds from this fund go to helping Trio thrive in the face of… so much.

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