GoFundMe to give two 88-year-old Wendy's employees a break

Mrs. Fran is an "88-years young" Wendy's employee.

Mrs. Fran is an "88-years young" Wendy's employee. Go Fund Me

Taya Brodin-Hanson has been visiting the same Wendy's in Maple Grove for years. She says she loves their "amazing salads."

She also loves the service she gets from "Mrs. Fran and Mrs. Laverne," two 88-year-old women who work at the restaurant. 

On a recent visit, Taya says she witnessed a couple being rude to Mrs. Fran while they ordered some Frosties. Mrs. Fran was having a hard time hearing their order, and the couple rolled their eyes at her. 

As she sat down to enjoy her salad, she wondered: "If this middle-aged couple thought it was okay to treat Mrs. Fran the way they did, how must other people be treating Mrs. Laverne and Mrs. Fran? How many people treat them with disrespect on a daily basis?" 

So Taya decided to take some action.

She admits that she doesn't know why the two women are working so late into their lives, whether they do it to keep busy, or just to pay for their daily necessities.

What she does know is that she'd like to see Mrs. Fran and Mrs. Laverne catch a break. That break could be a spa day, a vacation, or help with their bills and living expenses. She set up a Go Fund Me page with a goal of $10,000, and it's starting to get some traction. 

"They've worked hard long enough," says Taya. 

Go here to contribute to the cause of getting Mrs. Fran and Mrs. Laverne off Frosty duty, if only for a day.