Glockenspiel's Glockenspiel mixes beer with ... say again?

Glockenspiel $6.75

Glockenspiel 605 W. Seventh St., St. Paul 651.292.9421

There is much talk in the drink world about cocktails made with beer. And while most people like their beer unmolested, there is a certain appeal on a hot day to beer poured over ice to avoid the tepid factor. But the namesake cocktail at St. Paul's Glockenspiel goes further, creating a perfect summer refresher with one unusual mixer.

Recently, after seeing a cocktail recipe mixing peach lambic with rum that I was dying to try, I thought the Glockenspiel's Glockenspiel sounded like the next best thing--lager beer with peach schnapps. While peach schnapps is generally something I avoid on at all costs, when mixed in moderation with beer and served over ice, it created a taste similar to a peach Jolly Rancher with a wheaty beer finish. The effect is light and golden, not too sweet. While not a cocktail I would want everyday, on one hot summer's eve it was just right.

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