Glockenspiel's Beer Sampler: Drink of the week

Eliminating the need to choose.

Eliminating the need to choose.

Beer Sampler $6

Glockenspiel 605 Seventh St., St. Paul, 651.292.9421 website

The Glockenspiel always gets me. Even saying the name is fun. The little knickknacks (cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers, beer steins), the dark wood details, and the laid-back atmosphere all make this place extra cozy. You might even encounter a fellow in lederhosen playing the concertina. What could be finer than having a beer in such an atmosphere? Having six kinds of beer at once.


Sometimes it's just too hard to choose. Do you feel like a wheaty hefeweizen, a darker ale, or something paler? For only six bucks, with Glockenspiel's sampler you can have six fine German beers, all served on a nifty wooden tray, ready for you to throw back with all your wursts, spatzles, and schnitzels. Guten tag to one and all!