Glam Doll now selling chicken pot pie donuts

So much more than a Cro-nut.<br /> 

So much more than a Cro-nut.

They've already tried their hand at the savory donut game with a curry-iced muenster-stuffed donut, but now the guys and gals at Glam Doll are making a play for the Eat Street lunch crowd with their most recent hybrid pastry debut: the chicken pot pie donut.

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Glam Doll rolled out these little hand pie-donut hybrids for the first time yesterday afternoon and they sold out pretty quickly. 

Made with classic pot pie components like creamy herb gravy, carrots, peas, and roasted chicken, all tucked into basic raised donut dough, these babies sound like comfort food at its finest. If crowds seem to respond to this concept, Glam Doll hinted at the possibility of making a veggie version sometime in the future.

The chicken pot pie donuts will be available again for lunch today and every day for the rest of the week. If you've had one, please take to the comments and let everyone know if they're worth making a special trip for lunch.

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