Glam Doll adds brunch with donut sandwiches and fried chicken

Starting the first weekend in April, aromas of fried chicken will waft from Glam Doll's kitchen

Starting the first weekend in April, aromas of fried chicken will waft from Glam Doll's kitchen

You know that section of the Venn diagram where donut fanatics meet brunch fanatics meet fried chicken fanatics? That little sliver (okay, big sliver) is about to get some very good news.

Starting the first weekend in April, aromas of fried chicken will waft from Glam Doll's kitchen. The Eat Street donut shop known for wacky flavor combos and pretty-as-a-picture pastries will soon add brunch to its repertoire.

The menu will include four items: a fried chicken and waffle donut, two breakfast sandwiches (with donuts in place of bread, of course), and an eggs Benedict sitting atop a donut. All items — aside from the Benedict— can be prepared animal product-free with help from local vegan celeb the Herbivorous Butcher.

While owners Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox have thrown around brunch plans since the shop opened, nothing came to fruition until they met their new head chef, William Veldt.

Veldt joined the team in September. After the previous Glam Doll chef took a position elsewhere, Birch and Fox feared the shop’s demise. They found themselves crying to local rap icon/Doomtree member Stef Alexander, aka P.O.S, while backstage at a Prof show.

“We were telling him, ‘Dude, we’re so screwed. This is it, Glam Doll’s over!’” Fox says. “We were being totally dramatic, but he was like, ‘No, you’re going to be fine. I’ve got the perfect guy for you.’”

Vegan fried chicken donut

Vegan fried chicken donut

And he did.

At the time, William Veldt was driving across the country to Minnesota after leaving his patisserie gig in California. He found himself at a Kansas gas station when he got the life-altering text. “‘Do you have anything going on when you get back yet?’” Veldt recalls. “And I was like, ‘No, not yet.’ [P.O.S] said, ‘Glam Doll’s got you.’”

Veldt’s first goal was to launch brunch, a chance to make his mark at Glam Doll. He says the menu is his “biggest thing to date.”

In the process of developing the brunch dishes, Veldt went through 18 different fried chicken variations.

“There’s so much good fried chicken in this city right now. We didn’t want to put out something that couldn’t be compared,” Fox says.

The fried chicken and waffle donut will be a slightly larger Bismarck donut pressed in a waffle iron, caramelized, and with fried chicken on top. “You have every kind of flavor and texture there,” Veldt says. “The donuts are nice and soft, then the crispy, juicy chicken has an amazing breading that’s awesome and crunchy.”

Glam Doll is hoping to use meat from the relatively new Lowry Hill Meats on Hennepin in Uptown.

To their knowledge, there isn’t yet a place where you can get a completely donut-infused brunch. The four brunch items will be made to order, and will not be available for takeout. Patrons will come in the store, order, find a seat, and get their number called when the food is ready.

The menu comes just in time for spring, so donut-loving brunchers can take advantage of Glam Doll’s nine-table back patio.

Brunch at Glam Doll Donuts will begin Saturday, April 2, and continue every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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