Get your Chicago deep dish fix: Giordano's is now open

Giordano's is finally open! This makes everyone so happy.

Giordano's is finally open! This makes everyone so happy.

Well, color me a believer. As a self-professed (and actual) pizza snob I just wouldn't believe it. A double-crust, stuffed pizza with sauce on the top? Sounds like dubious science lacking a double-blind experiment. All laws of nature indicate that the thing would collapse into itself in a sad heap, creating a soup you'd be forced to eat with a spoon, and then, what? Chew through the remaining crust like a soggy cookie? All my Chicagoan and Chi-Town-loving friends assured me it was a worthwhile endeavor, this Giordano's, but I've always been a stubborn Scorpio. I gotta see things with my own two eyes. 

And see I did.

Behold! The structure of the pie, which holds its shape with the resilience of a sculpture!

Watch! The dramatic strings of mozzarella as they pull, temptingly, off the pie as you dish up a slice!

Taste! The premium ingredients, imported Roma tomato sauce, and pepperoni, peeking out like coquettish little lily-gilders!

The double crust-stuffed pie has gotta be seen to be believed, and Chicagoans, I hereby apologize for doubting you. 

There is something primordially, viscerally perfect about this pie.

There is something primordially, viscerally perfect about this pie.

It's not perfect. As you eat, the crust (which is a good, interesting, salty crust that  tastes relatively devoid of yeast)  tends to get overwhelming at the edge, where it out-balances the cheese and sauce ratio and you'll find yourself pushing it aside — unless you're a true diehard — in favor of a second slice. And if you can eat more than two slices of these babies, you're truly diehard. 

But even the thin crust pies have redeemable qualities, and could arguably even be better in the classic, what-makes-a-pizza truly good sense. Maybe thin crust on a Tuesday when you're feeling sensible, and stuffed on a Saturday when you're ready to let your freak flag fly?

Salads were also lovely, with beautiful summer tomatoes, and real, high-quality cheeses and veg. The place also offers a host of appetizers, from wings to bruschetta to fried calamari, plus a list of pastas and sandwiches, the whole of which seems foolhardy and tempting fate with the bravado of a bullfighter brandishing red. If you're thinking straight at all, you've come here for one thing and one thing only. 

Rumor has it another news organization reported that the place opened sooner than it really did, and people have been making long drives and lining up since 11 a.m. yesterday. If you're not that committed, see the cooler of take-and-bakes tucked thoughtfully into the corner. 

Either way, bring some serious game face. You're gonna need it. 


2700 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis