Gibraltar at Parka: Get buzzed with this drink of the week


We tend to get a little tongue-tied when ordering the Gibraltar at Parka. First, there are a number of Rs to potentially swallow and then there's the whole hard versus soft G or J sound, like the ages old (in Internet timeline terms) argument over gif or forgetting whether Gillian Jacobs pronounces her name the same way that Gillian Anderson does. But once this perfectly portioned drink of the week is frothed and fussed with and presented to you in a stout little glass, those pedantic matters melt away and your only concern is -- and should be -- which Rustica pastry you should get to go with your lovely espresso drink.

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The Gibraltar isn't necessarily exclusive to Parka. When we answered a reader question about where to get a flat white in the March installment of Ask Hot Dish, a few commenters stated that Spyhouse's Gibraltar was about as close as you could get to a true flat white in the Twin Cities. That debate continues to rage on, but here's why we like Parka's version so much.

First, the whole deal with a Gibraltar is that it has a higher ratio of espresso to milk than a latte, but has milk that's still textured like latte milk -- not fluffy or too stiff like the milk that goes into a cappuccino. If you like a little white in your espresso but find lattes lacking in bite and standard cappuccinos too dry, this is the coffee drink you should have been ordering your whole life. It's sized perfectly to sip, and because the temperature of a Gibraltar is "keyed for maximum quaffability", according to its self-professed originators at Blue Bottle Coffee in NYC, there's no waiting period before it cools enough for you to enjoy it. 

In Parka's version, ultra-smooth, toasty Dogwood Coffee mingles with super-fresh whole milk from Autumnwood Farms in Forest Lake in a foamy, lightly-charged creation. We're utterly addicted and recommend drinking with a buttery, flaky Kouign-amann if you are there early enough to snag one from the pastry case.

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