Gianni's Wayzata gets a refresh

Soon, Ginanni's will have a whole new look.

Soon, Ginanni's will have a whole new look.

In this day and age of "Aw, hell, let's just throw it away — we'll get a new one!" sometimes things just don't last forever. But don't tell that to Gianni's Steakhouse in Wayzata, who have been cranking out great steaks for 20 years and say they're "setting the table for the next 20." 

Because you know, after 20 years, a place can start to seem dated. Just because stately upholstered chairs and flower vases big enough to bathe a dog in were posh a couple decades ago does not mean that they are now. So Gianni's plans this: an interior and external renovation, as well as a new menu by chef Steve Vranian. Did you know that Vranian was the chef at Gianni's? Vranian of Nick and Eddie fame? Of Aquavit fame? This dude is a Chef with a capitol C and he's cooking at Gianni's! Reason enough to go, remodel or no. 

The lightened interior will be bright and white with new stonework and new chocolate leather cushions, and some of the dark woodwork will be removed.

Vranian's new menu will include Italian-inspired dishes (we're in the midst of a local Italian craze, remember?) of linguini and clams, butternut squash ravioli, saffron risotto, and chicken Vesuvio; as well as a grand seafood tower with oysters, lobster, stone crab claws, and shrimp cocktail. Also: made onsite breads. Their beloved tableside salad service will remain. 

On Monday, October 11, the restaurant will close for the final days of construction and allow for staff training on the new menu and new standard of service. The remodeled restaurant and new menus will debut on Friday, October 16. New fall hours started September 20 with dinner served daily 5 p.m. to close and happy hour Monday to Friday 4 p.m.-6 p.m.