Ghebregzi at Bar La Grassa: A deceptively simple Drink of the Week

A charming and simple Drink of the Week
A charming and simple Drink of the Week
Kelly Moritz

Bar La Grassa

In the world of cocktails, some would argue there's nothing new under the sun; a little sweet, a little sour, a little bitter -- a cocktail is a cocktail, and it's something to enjoy, not dissect. So when you come across a regular old pairing of spirit and mixer that sneaks up looking normal and takes you pleasantly by surprise with a well-placed twist, it's worth talking about. Take the gin-and-grapefruit-based Ghebregzi at Bar La Grassa, a spot well known for near-perfect and elevated execution of everything from house-made limoncello to fresh pappardelle.

Add cocktails to the list of things Bar La Grassa does right with an herbaceous, seriously delicious sipper. This upscale gin and juice employs fresh grapefruit with Farmer's Gin for bitter sweetness, building layers of flavor with a float of Amaro Montenegro over the top, on trend with the current heyday of adding Italian herbal digestif liqueurs like Fernet Branca to cocktails, without taking things overboard. This amaro element isn't the star of a showy affair but props up the otherwise tame mixed drink with a combination of herbs, bitterness, and a wisp of sweet viscosity. 

Top things off with a full, spiny sprig of fresh rosemary protruding tantalizingly close to the nose and what you've got is "another, please" good. Enjoy the Ghebregzi alongside nearly everything on this small-plates-focused menu, or sip it alone for a full appreciation of its simple charms.

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Bar La Grassa

800 N. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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