Get three free bagels at Bruegger's today


Get ready for some early morning carbo-loading! Today, Bruegger's Bagels will be celebrating its annual Three Free Bagels Day in honor of the company's 31st birthday. As its name suggests, three free bagels will be offered to customers who bring in a coupon that can be found on Bruegger's Facebook page. But don't wait until your blood sugar drops too low to make the trip -- the offer only stands until 11 a.m., at which point you'll have to fork out the usual few bucks for your mini bread loaf.

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"Everyone wants to do what they really love on their birthday -- and our passion is baking authentic, New York-style bagels fresh all day for our guests," said Bruegger's Bagels Director of Marketing Judy Kadylak. "We hope to give away hundreds of thousands of bagels to thank our guests for three decades of loyalty."

And we hope you take them up on it, because everyone knows where uneaten bagels end up. How else do you think dumpster divers sustain themselves?

To download the coupon, you'll have to "like" Bruegger's Facebook page, which can easily be undone if you're too embarrassed to publicly embrace your love for bagels.

Need a refresher on what Bruegger's has to offer? Their assortment of bagels contains enough seeds to stuff a bird feeder, with everything from poppyseed to sesame seed to 5 grain everything. If you're like us and still eat like a ten-year-old from time to time, Bruegger's has you covered with chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar options. There's something for everyone! (Unless you're on Atkins, in which case we apologize for the temptation. Call it a cheat day?)

But before you get too excited, be sure to read the fine print. The coupon doesn't include cream cheese or specialty bagels.

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