Get on the fermentation bandwagon — er, bus — Saturday, August 1


Don't know your SCOBY from your tobico? Your kombuchas from your kefirs? In case you haven't gotten the memo, fermentation is hot right now, thanks in part to all the little microscopic buggers that form when applying the ancient preservation technique that lives in symbiotic harmony with the little buggers in your guts. Please, save me from myself and get a more accurate, more delicious explanation of all things fermentation this Saturday, August 1, when Fermentation on Wheels parks in front of GYST (our town's only all-fermentation restaurant) and offers a workshop inside the workspace and lab in this converted 1986 International Harvester school bus. 

The lineup: 

Learn about starter cultures used with fermented foods and beverages like dairy kefir, water kefir, sourdough, and kombucha.

And if you're already into it, bring a starter culture of your own to share and bring a jar to take a starter culture from the workshop. (Or purchase one for $10). 

Tours of the bus will be offered from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., but you must register for the donation-based workshops. Only 35 slots are available, so act fast. Your gut microbes will thank you.