Get buzzed on coffee, chocolate, and tea at this weekend's Caffeine Crawl

Whether it's tacos, beer, or some other comestible best enjoyed to excess, 'tis the season of crawling.

On June 14, people of the Twin Cities will be able to experience their morning cup of Joe and then some as Minneapolis hosts its second annual Caffeine Crawl.

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The coffee and tea equivalent of a pub crawl, the Caffeine Crawl will cover coffee and tea shops around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Each route hits a total of six spots selected from eight participating shops: Angry Catfish Bicycle + Coffee Bar, Bull Run Coffee Bar, Dogwood Coffee at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Gray Duck Chai, Groundswell, J&S Bean Factory, Peace Coffee, Rustica Bakery, and TeaSource.

Starting at 10:15 a.m., caffeine crawlers will be able to taste-test samples of drinks or artisan chocolate and jump into interactive presentations covering everything from coffee facts to brewing demonstrations.

The Caffeine Crawl launched with events in Kansas City, Denver, and Springfield, Missouri and has since expanded to cover eight cities, including our very own Minneapolis.

"The Twin Cities has an amazing beer culture, and [we] work within all segments of the specialty, or craft, beverage world," says Jason Burton, one of the event organizers and founder of the LAB marketing firm.

Burton's goal is to bring the energy of craft beer taprooms into the coffee shop world.

"[We want] to really help strengthen the coffee community in these cities, which in return educates consumers [who] will learn more about what they drink, tip more, appreciate it more, and so on," Burton says.

There are only 140 tickets available for purchase, costing anywhere from 24 to 32 dollars depending on your choice of route and whether you'll be biking, busing, or driving. Intrigued? Tickets can be found here.

Each ticket sold will donate three dollars to Chloe's Fight Rare Disease Foundation, a charity dedicated to finding cures for juvenile genetic diseases.

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