Get books AND beers at Moon Palace's Geek Love Cafe starting tonight

There's pizza in there now!!!

There's pizza in there now!!! Moon Palace Books

Want to page through Proust over a glass of Merlot like the worldly sophisticate you are? Or maybe you'd rather wash down the newest Neil Gaiman with a slice and a beer?

Well get ready, nerds: Moon Palace Books is serving pizza, beer, and wine starting this very night, according to an email from co-owner Jamie Schwesnedl. Actually, a trip to Moon Palace's Facebook makes it look like they were sneakily slinging pies yesterday:

The colorful south Minneapolis book shop moved into a much bigger space at 3032 Minnehaha Ave. late last year, a transition that meant they'd have more room for live events and -- equally exciting if not more so -- space to serve food and drinks.

“We just tried to really think about, ‘How can we have a bookstore that has stuff going on in it beyond being a bookstore from dawn to dusk?’” Schwesnedl told City Pages in October. “And then we were like, ‘You know what would be great? If we had some kind of restaurant-bar.'”

It would be great -- and now it's happening! They're calling it Geek Love Cafe, and eventually, they'll have a full menu of pizzas and salads and wings and whatnot, plus breakfast and pastries and other baked goods.

For now, though, they're sticking to pizza and beer and wine. The hours are a little fuzzy; Schwesnedl says service starts at "six-ish" tonight and to keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, etc. for day-to-day updates on timing and info on the growing menu.