Get a taste of Lake Superior with Venture pils from Bent Paddle

Get a taste of Lake Superior with Venture pils from Bent Paddle
Loren Green

The Venture pilsener from Bent Paddle in Duluth might seem like a traditional Czech pilsener in style, but it's got a few Minnesota flourishes to set it apart. It's a light, crisp beer that's highly carbonated and highly refreshing, perfect for a day on the North Shore or on a beach along the chain of lakes in Minneapolis.

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Venture has a floral, zesty aroma with a touch of pepper. It pours a clear, straw yellow with a light, fluffy head. There's a distinct barley flavor when it hits the tongue, with subtle hop undertones and a plains/grasslands distinction.

A pilsener is only as good as the water it's made with, and Bent Paddle highlights Duluth's water composition when they talk up the beer.

"The water profile of Lake Superior is unbelievably soft and resembles the water chemistry of the Pilzen Czech Republic area, the birthplace of the pilsener style," says the brewery's Colin Mullen. "The water source really made the decision for us. With such a great natural resource that allows us to brew a traditional pilsener and showcase an often overlooked style in craft beer, we felt it would be disingenuous to our craft to not brew one."

To distinguish themselves, Bent Paddle adds German and American hops alongside the traditional Czech ingredients, including the U.S.-raised Sterling hop. To get that distinct and powerful aroma, the brewery dry hops the beer. "Just like all of our beers, we love exploring styles by bending tradition," Mullen says.

Venture can be found locally at both Republic locations, Grumpys NE, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Pizza Luce Richfield, and many metro liquor stores.

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