Geno’s will serve politically correct 'Parmesan sandwiches' in Northeast

Let's focus on the cheese, shall we?

Let's focus on the cheese, shall we? Flickr/THOR

Don’t call them Dagos.

A new restaurant called Geno’s will serve “Parmesan sandwiches,” reports the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal.

You might recognize these sammies -- “old-school Italian-American staples featuring meatballs, chicken cutlets or eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese” -- as the ones with the controversial name being served at restaurants all over Minneapolis and St. Paul, including Dusty’s Dagos and the new Fitzgerald’s.

Personally, we’re glad they’re opting for “Parmesan sandwiches,” which gets the point across nicely.

The small, roughly 40-seat restaurant is scheduled to open in northeast Minneapolis before the end of the year. The place will have a full bar, and here’s something we love: They’re proposing a tap wine system with glasses of wine going for as little as $3, a boon for non-beer lovers who always get stuck paying through the nose for vino while our beer-swilling buddies get tipsy for cheap.

But yes, there will be beer on tap, too.

Opens in December
12 4th St. SE, Minneapolis