General Mills sent out over 1.5 billion free wildflower seeds to help save the bees


Cheerios wants you to plant wildflowers, and they'll send you the seeds so you can do it. Tom Wallace

Cheerios has been on a crusade to save the honeybees, key pollinators in our food system that are disappearing because of habitat loss, monoculture, and pesticide use.

On the front of their Honey Nut Cheerios cereal boxes, General Mills replaced Buzz, their iconic honeybee mascot, with an empty space. An explanation by way of hashtag reads: #BringBackTheBees.

The Bring Back The Bees campaign recently went a step further: General Mills offered to send out free wildflower seeds to anyone interested in restoring the honeybee's habitat. The response was so great, they've run out of seeds. 

"We’ve exceeded our goal of giving away 100 million seeds—10 times over!" the website reads. "But after giving away a 1.5 billion seeds, we’re all out. Thanks for your support and keep us posted on your pledge to plant using #BringBackTheBees."

Sad you missed this bee-saving boat? Don't fret, there are still ways to help. Join Environment Minnesota's campaign to save bees locally, contact the Bee Squad at the University of Minnesota for tips on doing your part, and, of course, head to your local garden store to stock up on wildflower seeds.


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