General Mills Psst: I'm in!


When I'm invited in to an exclusive viral marketing group for a packaged foods company, it can only mean one thing: It probably wasn't that exclusive. Okay, so its not Skull and Bones, but I did just get an email from General Mills' Psst marketing program (I registered online a few weeks ago) telling me that I'd made the cut. I can see my future now and it's one in which my belly bulges wiith Progresso soups, Yoplait yogurts, and Lucky Charms. Oh, to be six again!

So from what I can tell, they're going to send me sample products (or maybe just coupons for products...I'm not really sure?) and then if I like them, I can pass on coupons via email to my friends. My home page had six "activities": News, "blog fodder," and the ability to email coupons to friends for Progresso soup and Yoplait yogurt.

I've never actually tried these products (where are the coupons for me, I wonder?), so I'm not prepared to hype them to my friends, but I will say I do appreciate GM providing easily downloadable product images, sparing a poor blogger from having to crop a poorly lit soup can out of a random person's flickr account.

The "news" about Progresso appears related to the ad wars the soup seems to be waging against Campbells, of late. (I feel like I've seen a lot of full-pagers in the Strib making MSG accusations, etc., and apparently have not been hallucinating) According to Psst, a "national taste test confirms consumers prefer Progresso Traditional Chicken Noodle over Select Harvest Chicken with Egg Noodles" and I have to wonder--is this despite, or because of MSG? Oh, and here's where you get the coupons.

The news from Yoplait is new "Indulgent, Cake-Inspired Flavors - Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Cheesecake and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake." I like yogurt and all, but in what universe is pineapple upside down yogurt a substitute for the real thing? Especially "light" yogurt. Has anybody tried these things?