General Mills donating rainbow cakes for Aug 1 weddings

It's very nearly time to cut the cake
It's very nearly time to cut the cake
Photo courtesy Betty Crocker Kitchens

Mayor R.T. Rybak better be banking his sleep hours now. When marriage equality becomes the law, just after midnight on August 1, the Minneapolis mayor will perform 40 weddings for same sex couples. Of course, it isn't a real party without some cake. General Mills has announced that they will be donating a Betty Crocker rainbow cake for the occasion.

We reached out to Laura Forero, Marketing Manager for Betty Crocker to get all the details on what these lucky couples can expect on their wedding day.

The cake coming from the Betty Crocker Kitchens are being specifically designed for the occasion. "We'll be working to create the most beautiful cake we can," says Forero.

When asked what appeals about this event to the Betty Crocker brand about being a part of this historic event, Forero explained, "There are many kinds of families in America, and Betty Crocker celebrates them all." (You can read more about their Betty Crocker's Families Project, here.)

Betty Crocker will be participating in Pride events both here and in New York City, where they'll be handing out free Rainbow Cupcakes, and asking families to share their stories.  There will also be cookies and cupcake for the kids to decorate.

Happy Pride everyone, and best wishes to those engaged.

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