Gastrotruck hijacked by S.O.B

The SOB takeover

The SOB takeover

With a change in the seasons, the Gastrotruck owners have decided to give their green-and-white truck a bit of a makeover, and they're having fun with the transition. Soup on Board -- or, as the members are affectionately referring to themselves, S.O.B. -- is taking over the truck for the winter, driving out the usual Gastrotruck sliders and flatbreads in favor of steamy soups.

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On Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Soup on Board will be serving lunch in downtown Minneapolis at the intersection of Sixth Street and Second Avenue South. They rolled out the new menu yesterday with a lineup that included Tongue and Cheek tortilla soup, Kuri squash and apple soup, pork osso buco soup, and smoked beef Texas-style chili.

As with the Gastrotruck menu, the dishes are made with ingredients sourced from local partners who share their sustainable agriculture values. They will also always have gluten-free and/or vegan options. And for those who might like to plan ahead for cozy dinners at home, soups will also be available for purchase by the quart.

Because all the soups will be hot, steaming, and waiting to be served, this means you shouldn't encounter too many lines. Hot soup and short lines: Might this be the answer to winter food truck service?

The menu will change regularly. Soup-loving fans can follow S.O.B. via Gastrotruck on Facebook and Twitter. And throughout the year, the original Gastrotruck will be available for catering events.

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