Gastro Non Grata/Seachange patio series

Adding to the list of ways we love Gastro Non Grata-- the traveling food and drink circus of our dreams--tonight is the start of their new patio series as they team up with Seachange on the banks of the Mississippi. Chef Erik Anderson will be grilling fresh seafood, the beer will be a-flowing, and Martin Devaney and Sheridan Fox will serenade guests with their celestial acoustic styling. Join your fellow city dwellers for this evening of tranquility, heavenly delights, and, of course, lots of PBR!

What: Seachange/Gastro Non Grata Patio Series When: Monday, June 7th, 5:30 - 9:00 Where: Seachange Patio, 818 South 2nd St., Mpls. Price: $5 for wristband and entry, $20 for 3 sample courses grilled by Chef Erik Anderson and a mystery guest chef (????!). Why: Because it will be dreamy.

See you there!

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