Gastro Non Grata: Marrow Inamorata

My immortal beloved
My immortal beloved

The unholy matrimony of raw and roll is set to rock the Triple Rock Social Club once again.  Gastro Non Grata's next event is one for lovers: featuring killer tunes, food from one of the hottest new restaurants of this young year, and as always, the Dead Meat Door prize courtesy of Clancey's Meat and Fish. It's set to be a sweetheart meeting of gastronomy and the Minneapolis music scene.

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A love so deep it goes straight through to your bones. Gastro Non Grata serves an early bloody Valentine: Marrow Inamorata this Sunday February 10th.  Doors will open at 6pm, show begins at 7pm. 

The food will come from Borough chefs Nick O'Leary and Tyler Shipton. Those lucky enough to dine at their new North Loop hot spot are swooning over their culinary creations. Skip the reservation wait and get a little taste of what they're doing right here. The chefs will serve a few hyper creative small plates and event organizers tease there may just be a taste of one of Best Bartender Jesse Held's alcoholic treats.

Even if he doesn't make it, Founders Brewery will be sharing samples of their delicious brews with attendees.

Sway and snuggle to the dulcet tunes of Martin Devaney, then Southside Desire will funk it up before Bitch City brings it all back home. Between sets, rock out to the jams spun by DJ Shannon Blowtorch.

As with every evening spent in the pleasure of the Gastro Non Grata company, this will also includes the aforementioned Dead Meat Door Prize. So, ladies, heed our advice, when planning your evening's accessories, make absolutely certain that your handbag has room to fit a big, raw, freezer-bag wrapped beef heart. Love might not be pretty or convenient, but it sure is a tasty, hard rocking ride. Tickets $10 in advance available here or $12 at the door. Also, leave the cards at home - Triple Rock only accepts cash.

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Triple Rock Social Club

629 Cedar Ave. S.
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