Gastro Non Grata guys talk meat, beer, and rock-n-roll: Chef Chat, part 3

We want one of these, badly.
We want one of these, badly.
courtesy of Gastro Non Grata

In the final installment of our talk with the Gastro Non Grata guys, we delve a little deeper into the psyche of these "home cooks"--they do not like to be called chefs--and again remind you to check out Vagabond Vacation this Sunday, June 27, at First Avenue. The Gastros will take over three rooms of First Ave. and will be joined by Erik Anderson (Sea Change), Heather Hartman (Spoonriver), Jim Grell (Modern Cafe), Mike Philips (Craftsman) on sausage duty, and Coastal Seafoods with oysters. There will also be music, including Pink Mink and Birthday Suits.

You can read part 1 and part 2 here.

What is your best culinary tip for a home cook? Drehmel: Keep your knives sharp and go to the farmers market all year round. Mitchell: Start a garden.

If you could have one band on the bill at your event, dead or alive, who would it be? Drehmel: I'm torn between Steppenwolf and Devo. They are my two favorite bands from youth, and they both rock in their own special ways. Mitchell: "Spider" John Koerner

Who is your favorite celebrity chef? Drehmel: Pat Starr from the Wienery. He cleaned up a little too much for that show, but I always leave that place smiling. Mitchell: Jim Grell from Modern Café. He just needs to use a little more product in his hair. I think he'll get there someday.

Which celebrity chef do you think should just shut up? Drehmel: Jim Grell from the Modern Café. He was all "It's about community" and that crap. Come on, Jim, get real, but in reality I loathe the three minutes of Cake Boss I actually watched. Mitchell: Ina Garten [Barefoot Contessa]. She makes me angry.

What is the best reason to go to Gastro Non Grata Vagabond Vacation at First Avenue on June 27? It's a culmination of some of our favorite local food people and bands involved with Gastro Non Grata over the last four years.

And that concludes Chef (or Home Cook) Chat with Gastro Non Grata. For anyone wanting to grill this weekend, check out Jeff Mitchell's grilled pork recipe.

Gastro Non Grata's Vagabond Vacation When: Sunday, June 27, 5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
Price: $12 advance/$15 door. Includes three beer tickets and three food tickets
Where: First Avenue, 7th St. Entry, and Record Room

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