Gastro Non Grata @ First Avenue


GASTRO NON GRATA : VAGABOND VACATION SUNDAY, JUNE 27. DOORS AT 5:30 $12 ADVANCE/$15 DOOR FIRST AVENUE, 7TH ST. ENTRY AND RECORD ROOM Gastro Non Grata plays the main room. Returning chef faves Erik Anderson, Heather Hartman, Jim Grell, and Mike Phillips will be making food (hand-ground and cased hot dogs!) and several craft brewers will be on hand to pour beers. A new logistical setup includes tickets to be used for food and beer samples (you get six apiece with the entry fee and can purchase more for $4 apiece). Here are the details:

In the Main Room, Anderson of Sea Change will be serving fish, Heather Hartman from Spoonriver will be crafting bahn mi, and Jim Grell of the Modern Cafe and the Craftsman's Mike Phillips will grind and case hot dogs. The beer will come from Furthermore, Lagunitas, and Bell's, with music from Pink Mink, Private Dancer, Unknown Prophets, Birthday Suits, and School of Rock.

At 7th St. Entry, Cake Eater Bakery will contribute cupcakes and coffee, to accompany band Guystorm, Fuck Knights, Moonstone, and Rifflord.

In the Record Room, you'll find PBR Tallboy specials and oysters from Coastal Seafood, plus DJ sets by Hotpants, Attitude City, and Shannon Blowtorch.