Gastro Non Grata event to serve 600 eggs

Gastro Non Grata organizers recently announced that their next shindig will be egg-themed. Six chefs from top restaurants will be given 100 eggs each. What they do with them will be a surprise. Will there be mayonnaise? Ice cream? Eggnog? You'll have to wait until March 13 to find out.  

The rockstar chefs slinging eggs for the event will be Erik Anderson of Seachange, Philip Becht of Modern Café, Steven Brown, Alexander Dixon, and Brian Crouch from D'amico, and Landon Schoenefeld from Haute Dish.

The event, titled Eggs for Africa, will also feature music from six bands. The Annandale Cardinals, Captain Clawthroat, and Rope Trick will be serving up hearty country tunes, while the Yoleus, Truckstops Across America, and Total Fucking Blood will be scrambling ear drums with loud rock 'n' roll. Bring a t-shirt and some extra cash to donate and artists from Overproof studios will create wearable art for you to take home.

Eggs for Africa is 8 p.m. Saturday, March 13 at The Hexagon Bar (2600 27th Ave. S., Minneapolis). Tickets are $10. Proceeds from the event will benefit educational needs for children in Mozambique. Click here for more information.