Galactic Pizza celebrates 4/20 with "Richard Simmons Day"


Ok, how awesome is this? Galactic Pizza will give you HALF OFF your bill today if you go in dressed as Richard Simmons. Please please please someone do this, and send us pics! While delivery drivers remain superheroes today, the restaurant's staff are also dressed as Simmons in honor of the "occasion."

And what, exactly, is the occasion? Galactic Owner Pete Bonahoom says there is no connection (that he knows of) between the 80s exercise guru and today's celebrated date. "I've just always wanted to see a restaurant full of Richard Simmons," he says. Dang, we were hoping for some hilarious Simmons + pot story. "It's complete nonsense," Bonahoom says. This is is the fourth year Galactic has revered 4/20 in this "fashion."

So get out your Afro wigs, electric-hued running shorts and headbands, people. No word on whether "Sweatin' to the Oldies" will be piped in to inspire some spontaneous moves.