Futuristic Cocktails and Wine, Italian and Modern Food: Four New Spots Coming Soon

Egg on Hay: A "Modern Farmhouse" dish from upcoming Heirloom in St. Paul

Egg on Hay: A "Modern Farmhouse" dish from upcoming Heirloom in St. Paul

Our "coming soon" buttons are getting a workout this year, and our "closed" one is growing dust. This is such happy news!

The Twin Cities restaurant scene is like that Tupperware you're just absolutely sure is big enough for ALL the chili. Very little is leaking out; it's bulging and auspicious and abundant, threatening to burst, but so far, so good! You're gonna have meals for days and days and days.

Four new spots, coming soon.

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Goodbye, Solomon's Bakery (well, that is, their Uptown location; they're on Grand Avenue in St. Paul now), hello Troubadour Wine Bar. Despite their Midas touch with ham and cheese croissants, Solomon's couldn't make it in their middle-of-the-block Hennepin Avenue location, but now a chef hopes to transform the space into a wine and cheese bar, with, wait for it... pastries. No word yet on when it will open, but when it does, maybe follow the strains of the live music, which they hope to host.

When we think "Heirloom" we think of bulging summer tomatoes straight off the farm, and we're guessing that's the point with the upcoming restaurant by that name by W.A. Frost chef Wyatt Evans, who is calling his cooking "modern farmhouse cuisine." And it looks like it could be really, really modern: A menu item sneak peek involved blue cheese and duck egg custard, scallion and buffalo chicken skin on hay. Wyatt is staying in St. Paul, near the intersection of Cretin and Marshall, and will serve beer and wine too. Opening projected for early summer.

At long last, The Ivy Hotel is going to give serious eating another go. They've plucked former La Belle Vie chef Mike DeCamp to head up Monello, which means sea urchin in Italian. Dara Moskowitz reports that Mike DeCamp quipped: "Everybody likes sea urchin and lardo, right?"

Well, probably not everybody, but we do. And we shall have them at Monello, with an Italian cooking bent, along with lots of other sea creatures too: clams, yellowtail tuna, and king crab, to name a few of those little buggers.

But you won't be wanting any of it without drinkies, will you? So in a move a la Borough/Parlour and the Bachelor Farmer/Marvel, Monello will have its own "tippling house" in Constantine, headed up by Jesse Held, and no, it will not be a "speakeasy."

"There are windows -- there is nothing speakeasy about this!" Held told Joy Summers at Eater Minneapolis.

And just when you thought there was no monkeying around left to do with a cocktail, you can go ahead and think again. It seems as though there will be something of a molecular gastronomy culinary approach to these drinks, including, but not limited to: flavored ice, bicarbonate tablets, and maybe even powdered alcohol (if our state ever lets it see the light of day, that is.)

None of that is your cup of bicarbonate-powdered alcohol-flavored ice? Then call it like you want it. These barmen are not afraid of a little challenge and will create a bespoke cocktail flight based on your frame of mind.

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