Furthermore's Shitty Barn Sessions start Wednesday


About 250 miles from the Twin Cities is a magical place where new beers are born and big ol' parties go down. This place is called the Shitty Barn--the headquarters of Furthermore Brewery, best known for delicious brews like Thermo Refur and Fatty Boombalatty. Just outside of Madison in Spring Green, Wisconsin, Furthermore founders Aran Madden and Chris Staples host this year's first Shitty Barn Session on Wednesday--a family friendly event with live music by Josh Harty.

Last September the Furthermore boys threw down a Shitty Barn Party (this is the first official "Session") co-hosted by Madison's Underground Food Collective and Gastro Non Grata, which was a rocking success. We asked Staples about the latest event:
"We have a shitty barn that screams 'Have a good time in me!' We have a collective love of music, particularly intimate and/or transcendent performances. We have something of a mutual admiration society for one another's particular talents and ideas. And nobody said we couldn't, shouldn't or wouldn't, so away we go!"

What:Furthermore's Shitty Barn Session: Bring something to throw on the grill, and the boys will provide a cup and fill it with Furthermore brew. When: Wednesday, June 16. Grilling starts at 6 p.m., show at 7 p.m. Where: 506 E. Madison St., Spring Green, WI Price: $9.99 Buy your tickets here.

If you are not able to make it this week, three more sessions are scheduled (with a possible fourth to be added): Wednesday, July 21 Wednesday, August 18 Wednesday, September 22