Fulton Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine Tallboys Coming Soon


In early May, Fulton's Lonely Blonde Ale and Sweet Child of Vine IPA are getting another look: In addition to the 12-ounce, 6-pack bottles, the brewery is going to sell its two flagships in 16-ounce, 4-pack cans.

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Cans have long been touted as the superior container for beer, as they block light and recycle easier, and craft breweries across the state have been adopting the format, with 612, Badger Hill, Bent, and Sociable Cider Werks all recently starting production as well. Brewing veteran Summit also started a canning line last year and has released both Unchained #18: Hop Silo DIPA and its newest year-round beer, Hopvale Organic Ale, in the 16-ounce container.

On its website, Fulton cites venue restrictions as a key advantage to canning beers, as aluminum is allowed many places where glass is either prohibited or impractical, such as trails, campgrounds, golf courses, and music festivals (including Soundset). With most of these venues decidedly outdoor in theme, May is the ideal time for a can rollout, and it just might be possible to enjoy a tallboy of Lonely Blonde on this year's fishing opener.

"16-ounce cans seemed like a natural choice for cans given that our bottles are 12-ounce, " says Fulton's Ryan Petz, "Though we won't rule out 12-ounces for some brands in the future." The cans will first be available in the metro area before extending statewide.

The canning will be done onsite at Fulton's new northeast Minneapolis facility, a 51,000-square foot brewery located at 2540 Second St. NE. The original brewery, near Target Field, mostly produces beer for taproom consumption.

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