Fulton Brewery to expand beyond the North Loop

Fulton Brewery to expand beyond the North Loop
Katie Hoffman

Expect Fulton Brewery to get a whole lot bigger. In fact, Fulton is following in Surly's steps toward expansion and will grow nearly 10 times as big as its current operation in the North Loop.

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According to Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, Fulton will keep partially operating from its place near Target Field while shifting much of the operation over to the new spot, which used to house a Ragstock warehouse.

Fulton's current location in the North Loop is 6,000 square feet, but the company has just started a lease on a new building in brew-friendly Northeast that clocks in at 51,000 square feet. Quite the jump for an operation that began as home brewing in a garage.

Fulton's collection of brews has taken over the Twin Cities craft beer scene with Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde, and the Ringer, along with the selection of seasonal beers and the Garage Series.


Fulton just released a statement about their plans for the new space in Northeast Minneapolis.

The folks at Fulton detailed what led them to expand to a bigger facility in the post:

We started out with 4 fermenters and a brite tank. Then we added a taproom. A few months later, we brought in three more tanks. Six months later, three more again. Three months later, two bigger ones. And just like that, we ran out of space. As we've heard many people say, "it's a good problem to have." True. But still a problem.

Here's how we're solving it: in late 2014, we will begin brewing at a new 51,000 square foot production brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. Located in an existing building at 2540 2nd St NE, the new brewery will feature an 80 barrel brewhouse, high-speed bottling and kegging lines, and an initial capacity of 20,000 barrels of annual production, with the ability to expand substantially in the future. The added capacity will allow us to expand distribution beyond the Twin Cities, and to begin adding to our lineup of seasonal and limited production "Garage Series" beers. More Insurrection, anyone? The Ringer in bottles? Another barrel-aged Libertine? Yes, yes, and yes.

As per Minnesota law, Fulton will not have another taproom in the Northeast, since breweries can only have one (they'll keep their original taproom). However, they plan on brewing 100 percent of their distributed beer at the new facility while still brewing some beer at the current one in the North Loop.

Until the new location opens, Fulton assures fans that it's business as usual in the North Loop and the taproom will remain open.

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