Frozen Chicken Nuggets Get a Chef Makeover -- And They're Good


Go ahead. Work at Chez Panisse for a decade, Alice Waters's Berkeley church of the vegetable, where every carrot, each individual bean sprout, the very tops of the turnips are worshipped like Vishnu. And then till up the soil for your very own farm, to pull from the fragrant earth these very same things, and tend to them at your stoves, pausing every few minutes to feel quite self-satisfied indeed.

And then have a kid. She'll gleefully dump your organic carrot tops on the floor and demand one thing, and one thing only: chicken nuggets! What's a chef to do?

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Partners in life and business Serafina Palandech and Jennifer Johnson are like lots food people -- they want to know where their food comes from, they're concerned about the connection of land to table, and, you know, good food is best, right? Johnson worked for 10 years as a chef at Chez Panisse, and then as a personal chef to Ann and Gordon Getty, bajillionaire philanthropists with a Montessori school in their house.

So with a job like this, you do a few things: keep your bosses happy, the parents happy, and probably most of all, keep the kids happy. Handmade chicken fingers using sustainably raised chicken became the recipe demand from all the parents. But why just give it away?

Palandech and Johnson's four products -- frozen chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, meatballs, and wings -- are made with humane-certified, free range, natural, and organic chicken raised without antibiotics, hormones, antibiotics, or fillers, and they come from this here farm. They're also gluten-free. If you gotta feed nuggets to your kid, these sound like the ones.

"Our chickens only have one bad day," they say. They're handmade in small batches and flash frozen to preserve freshness. They retail for $7.99 a box, which contains about two servings.

More on the product, and their story, here:

While Palandech and Johnson and their farm and their daughter are still based in California, Hip Chick is available in local Lunds and Byerly's stores.

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