FrozBroz ice cream venture begins fundraising


How would you like a double scoop of vodka, blueberry, and basil ice cream? What about a small dish of luscious goat cheese ice cream spiked with black pepper grape syrup, studded with salty, crispy pita chips? The FrozBroz can hook you up. Erik Powers and Ben Solberg began their new enterprise as two friends fiddling around with ice cream makers, which quickly grew to a Facebook page stalked for their weekly pints. Now the Broz are looking to get serious about their dream business, and they're asking the public for help.

Because they aren't yet a licensed business with a commercial kitchen space, they aren't able to legally sell their ice cream. Each week they post a new flavor on their Facebook page and website. Two lucky winners are drawn and get to take home a precious pint. Their popularity is quickly growing as fans sample their creative creations.

The chevre and pita chip ice cream was easily one of the best desserts we tasted in 2011. Today FrozBroz announced an Indie Go Go fundraising campaign to help them realize our dream of being able to buy their ice cream whenever a craving hits. The Hot Dish contacted Erik Powers to ask him where and when we might be able to start an anticipatory ice cream line.

Is it true that Kickstarter turned you down? What does that mean?

Yes, Kickstarter did deny us. They told us that we weren't a good fit and that they don't fund business startups. Our suspicion is that we were denied because another ice cream outfit out of New York just launched their campaign on Kickstarter. So they were probably just protecting their "client" and don't want to double up with two ice cream businesses in the same month.

On average, how many entries for pints do you get each week?
[I] would say we get on average 60 to 90 people entering to win pints every week on Facebook and our blog.

Ideally, how soon do you hope to get up and running?
Ideally, we will be up and running by June or July on a limited basis to start, but that's contingent on many factors (money raised, finding equipment, licensing, etc).  We would like to be up and running tomorrow. Either way, it's going to happen, just a matter of time. We're eternally grateful that our following has continued to check in, support us, and vie for the two pints we dole out every week.

Have you had any luck finding a commercial kitchen space?
Yes, we have a space we will be renting and sharing with a group of other amazing food businesses in Minneapolis. We have yet to work out our space requirements based on equipment needs. So as soon as we get all the answers we need from the Department of Agriculture, we can resolve.

For more information on the Froz Broz and to contribute, check them out on Indie Go Go

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