Froz Broz ice cream to hold its first pint sale

Froz Broz ice cream finally for sale
Froz Broz ice cream finally for sale
Joy Summers

Minneapolis craft ice cream Froz Broz has garnered a solid fan base in the last few years -- even though previously the only way to get your mitts on some was to win one of the two precious pints they give away each week.

But starting next week there are easier ways to attain these frozen, gourmet delights. If you've got a letch for flavors like charred vanilla, rosemary lemon, or fennel pollen, you can head down to the commercial kitchen space at City Food Studio on Saturday, January 18 for the first Froz Broz pint sale.

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City Food Studio is a shared commercial kitchen space that's been in varying stages of construction for the past year and is now fully functional. It's where Bread Star Rising's Margaret Chamberlain bakes her crusty creations and hopefully it will soon be home to Lost Falls Distillery.

Inside the retail space, Froz Broz ice cream will be available in the $10 per pint range. They have a limited number available for sale from 1 to 4 p.m., or until they're gone. Meanwhile, the weekly drawings will continue. Today on their website and Facebook page, you can enter to win one of two pints of Garam Masala seasoned iced cream.

3722 Chicago Avenue S., Minneapolis

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