Fridge Shot: Stuffed Pheasant truly goes for game

Lactaid + Champagne + Pepto = one local blogger's recipe for success.

Lactaid + Champagne + Pepto = one local blogger's recipe for success.

Local blogger, Gimme Noise contributor, Gastro Non Grata enthusiast and eager game eater Nikki Miller's fridge innards seem to reflect her to a T. It's not a gimmick -- the gal really and truly digs wild animal flesh. Just look in her freezer. Those white packages aren't tidily wrapped half-pounds of ground beef or neatly arranged tilapia filets. They've got freaking elk and antelope and deer in them. She's not totally sure, but the elk is either from her dad's or her brother's kills, shot in Alaska last year (dang!).

What else is going on in there? Well, Miller's got roommates, so that explains away some of the clutter. The Lactaid is hers -- "can't handle the real milk," she says, which is funny when you take into consideration that she'll openly prepare and tuck into rare deer meat. The Pepto up top is for those occasions when rare deer meat (possibly from three years ago) doesn't agree with Miller. We won't get into the details. Moving on ...

Alcohol, check. "A couple bottles of Freixenet, Brut and Extra Dry [Champagnes], under eleven bucks and real tasty," Miller says. The pudding cups up top were a Target impulse buy. Oh, and the Nuva Rings in the drawer? You fill in the blanks.

"My favorite South Dakota foods are not present here," Miller says. "[K]uchen [kind of a generic term for different types of German desserts], venison chislic and chicken gizzards. Can't find any of that stuff here, and when I do it's no good. So I travel home every few months, and eat very well."

"When I'm here, I mostly subside on a diet of McDonalds and booze," she says. "[O]ooh, and most recently Schwan's! You can see some praline pecan sundae cones in the corner there."

The cute pup? That's Miller's dog Eliot, going after some doggie ice cream treats. Frosty Paws, perhaps?