Fridge shot: Butter Bakery Cafe baker likes her sweets


Photo courtesy Amy Kovacs

Amy Kovacs can't stand it if her cookie jar doesn't have cookies.

Don't you wish you were friends with her?

Kovacs, the resident baker at Butter Bakery Cafe in South Minneapolis, was kind enough to share a snapshot of her fridge to launch what will be a recurring Hot Dish feature.

As you can see, the lady gets her bake on at home as well as work. She was planning to take the cupcakes (red velvet, which are also regularly available at the shop) to a dinner party.

A former dietician, Kovacs says she keeps pretty healthy at home -- at least cooking-wise (baking-wise is a different story). There's lots of fresh produce in the drawers.

Kovacs says she typically eats vegetarian lunches, and she and her husband stick mostly to fish and chicken dishes for dinner.

There's gouda mac 'n' cheese (um, drool!), a light version Kovacs got from Cooking Light (perhaps it's this one).

The Belgian beers and soy nog are for her husband, who is lactose intolerant. And all those condiments? Kovacs is all about them. "I feel like a condiment queen," she says.

P.S. The extremely cute dog? That's Kovacs' pooch Zoey.