Fridge shot: Anodyne cook likes having someone to say hi to

Fridge shot: Anodyne cook likes having someone to say hi to

Photo courtesy Cody Weigel

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way up front, shall we? Yes, that's a mannequin head. A bloody mannequin head, in fact. But it makes Cody Weigel happy, dammit.

Weigel, a cook at Anodyne Coffeehouse in South Minneapolis, is just settling in to a new place -- hence the spare fridge -- but that hasn't stopped him from getting his mannequin head into its proper place.

He says it's there "just so I have someone to say "hello" to in the morning."

What are some other coffeehouse cook staples? KFC for one. Weigel shared it with his sister, brother-in-law and niece, who helped him move. The chocolate chip cookies on top -- homemade -- are courtesy of his sis.

That's pot roast and gravy in the containers in the middle, and the 7-Up is a thinly-veiled distraction from Weigel's healthy daily caffeine consumption. "I drink coffee all the time at home," he says. "I just don't keep it in my fridge."

The barely-visible piece of cardboard up top once held a pizza, Weigel says. And do we spy some Summit? Not a bad stash for a new place.

Bonus, says Weigel: "The freezer has two ice trays and both have ice!"

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