Free Sweet Science Ice Cream Tasting at Hola Arepa Today

Taste Sweet Science's Fernet Cola ice cream for free

Taste Sweet Science's Fernet Cola ice cream for free

We've already gone and declared it the best. If you haven't had a chance to try Sweet Science Ice Cream by now, you'll have your shot today, Monday, December 15, when the artisanal ice cream slingers will be offering free samples -- that's right, free -- of their latest flavor, Fernet Cola, at Hola Arepa from 6 to 9 p.m.

Fernet Cola is a cocktail flavor, which means booze. Free ice cream and booze. You gonna pass that up?

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Sweet Science founder Ashlee Olds says the new flavor was one of those cocktail-induced inspirations -- but unlike most boozy lightbulb moments, this one actually makes sense.

"Dan [Oskey-- bartender at Hola], Birk [Grudem, owner of Hola], and I were at Hola drinking this fabulous cocktail one night back in August when we threw the idea out there that it would be even better as an ice cream. We all laughed, and then looked at each other and just knew it would be something special."

If you must miss the tasting, you should know that Sweet Science is no longer available at Verdant Tea, but can be purchased at Local D'Lish, the Wedge, and on December 19 at Solo Vino for a Pint Pop-Up Sale.

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