Free fro-yo for moms at Forever Yogurt on Mother's Day


Mothers are forever underappreciated. They birthed you, changed your diapers, dealt with the crappy black metal you blasted at two in the morning throughout your high school years, and still love you immeasurably. Mother's Day shouldn't be the only time you show that special lady the appreciation she deserves, but it's certainly not to be ignored. Might we suggest fro-yo to mark the occasion? See also: Making last minute plans? Mother's Day brunch spots still taking reservations

Though thunderstorms are expected this Sunday (don't act like you're surprised), there's still ample opportunity to take your mama out on the town to enjoy some indoor activities. If you're trying to maintain your lovable cheapskate status, consider stopping by Forever Yogurt in St. Louis Park at the Shops at West End, where mothers who show up with their children will be treated to $5 worth of frozen yogurt for free. Best of all, this treat shop is right by the movie theater, so if it's truly dreary outside, you can always take the matinee route.

Forever Yogurt is an example of our favorite kind of fro-yo bar, where countless yogurt options (like cinnamon roll and strawberry lemonade) and toppings are spread throughout the store and you pay for the whole shebang by weight. Choice toppings include Cap 'N Crunch, caramel turtle cups, chocolate covered strawberries, and peanut butter syrup. Prove to her you're totally an adult now by expertly balancing yogurt, dry toppings, cold toppings, and flavored syrups -- her pride in you will be the greatest Mother's Day gift of all.

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