FREE Denny's Grand Slam today!


Photo by Tortuga One via Flickr

In case you are an alien life form or were just born in the last 24 hours, you might have missed -- and you need to know -- that Denny's is serving FREE Grand Slam breakfasts to any and every Tom, ALF and baby who cares to have one today until 2 p.m.

Mmm ... pancakes ... eggs ... sausage ... bacon ...

If you don't know about the deal, it also likely means you didn't see the Steelers triumph Sunday night, so you might want to go back and take a gander at the commercial promoting the free breakfast that aired during the big game.

The sound of canned whipped cream may never be the same.

Along with the Cheetos commercial and Bud Light spot with Conan O'Brien, it's probably one of the top three food-related spots from this year's Super Bowl.

Hulu lets you vote for the best one. (I accidentally voted for the lame Bud Light Lime one, so can someone please cancel me out?)