Free cheese at Punch


"I've never seen you go after food so aggressively," my friend remarked, the first time I tasted buffalo milk mozzarella in an Italian tratorria, as I quickly wolfed down more than my share of the soft, white, baseball-sized lump. Using an ice cream analogy, fresh cow's milk mozzarella is to Kemp's as mozzarella di bufala (the Italian version made with water buffalo milk) is to Sonny's.

It's one notch richer, creamier, and more delectable--which means that usually you're going to pay the price. (I once sent a friend to the Wedge with $20 to pick up hamburger buns and mozzarella di bufala, not realizing that probably didn't cover it.) Starting today, Punch Pizza is offering a free upgrade from cow's milk mozzarella to buffalo, until supplies run out, which will likely be well before March 20th--so act fast!

So print this coupon, take it to Punch, and let us know if you like it.