Free beer Fridays: Sam Adams Longshot Grape Pale Ale

Another Friday, another six pack of free beer sits in my office. This time, Sam Adams has bestowed an intriguing concoction: Longshot Grape Pale Ale.

I have to admit, my officemates and I were a little wary. Would it be a "longshot" that we would enjoy it? Would it taste like a weird combo of grape soda and beer? In small quantities I have enjoyed beers with fruity undertones, though some walk a fine line, as if the brew couldn’t decide whether it was a wine cooler or a Miller Lite. What follows is a transcript of our sampling of Sam Adams Longshot Grape Ale.

Ward Rubrecht: Aw, this doesn’t even taste like grape.

Ben Palosaari: No, it tastes like Welch’s Grape Juice that has been left in the sun.

Jeff Severns Guntzel: I do taste the grape. It’s like while I was at the restroom some kid dropped a lollipop in my beer.

Jessica Armbruster: I barely taste the grape, but I’m impressed. It’s a decent beer. They went the subtle route as opposed to some sort of Puckers plus beer merger.

JSG: I am interested in the fact that they sweetened it with maple syrup. That’s classy.

BP: No, if I were in a restaurant, I would send this back.

WR: I’m not bothered by it. I wouldn’t throw it out, as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t yet.

BP: It could have been worse. At least it’s not raisin beer: “Two scoops!”

(Nate Patrin enters the room)

NP: If you hadn’t actually told me there was grape in this, I wouldn’t have noticed.

BP: So, here’s a question: Suddenly everyone in the world has died. Yet you live on. What is the first alcoholic beverage you would drink?

JA: Maybe some classy tequila. Or a black ‘n’ tan.

JSG: Frankly, I’d probably weep.

NP: I would go for the most expensive vodka I could find. Then I’d go for the most expensive orange juice. I would then make the most expensive screwdiver. Ever.

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